Students in the region


Participating Universities

Graduate programs

Each EURLIPID partner has a unique expertise in specific lipid topics and uses this for the education of graduated students (BSc) in the specific field of lipid research aiming at a "Master of Science" degree in existing programs at the universities involved.

This master program will ensure the education of young scientists with essential knowledge to isolate, quantify and characterize lipids in body fluids, tissue samples and on biomedical materials. The knowledge to investigate the impact of lipids in typical disease and on biomedical materials range from basic science approaches, translational aspects to clinical diagnosis and treatment options, since the underlying processes are highly complex.

Join Forces for Education

To achieve these objectives, academia and industrial partners are joining forces. Full participation and integration of all partners will be achieved by a comprehensive network training program for the students involved in the projects; this consists of a structured curriculum involving:

  • Individual research projects
  • Exchange between EURLIPIDS partners
  • EURLIPIDS training courses, workshops, webinars
  • Consciously lectures and seminars
In this way, training will be complemented with network–wide educational activities with the opportunity to interact and gain experience from leading industrial and academic groups in cardiovascular, renal, neuronal lipid research in the regio.