Valorizing research.

Development of tools supporting target analysis of lipids characteristic for health and disease in micro sampled blood

Analysis of parameters in micro sampled blood is the future in blood analysis for lipidomics. For the companies Zentech and DBSL both working on analysis of micro sampled dried blood (for respectively clinical and health parameters) the Project offers unique opportunities to come into direct contact with basic, clinical and high technological work in the field of Lipodomics. This will open new perspectives for a substantial number of new innovative clinical and health parameters to be developed in the coming years. It is to be envisaged that in the fields of cardiovascular, neurodegenerative and cancer some 10 new parameters will become available for commercialization. Similarly for health (wellness) market a number of 6-8 new parameters is to be expected in the near future in the field. These developments will lead to an expected marked increase in jobs in the coming 6 years. The health and wellness markets are growing fast since also healthy individuals want to have more influence on their health status by having their health status frequently analyzed. The application of micro-sampled blood analysis fits excellently in this important new trend

Economic feasibility

Within this activity, the overall economic activities will be managed. The activities in WP T1 (clinic/biomedical) will be aligned towards strong business cases (D3.21). Valorization of academic activities will be translated to SME's (Act T3.1). Possible spins-offs and start-up activities will be discussed and aligned with Brightlands and Bioville. Also the connect with health organizations (charity and patient organizations)will be part of this activity