Building Connections


The purpose is to align all internal and external partners to connect them and to define economically attractive sub projects. The added value is a good ownership of the different sub projects. At the start of the program, a team event will be organized for everybody involved in the different aspects of the program The main goal is to present the objectives of the program. Further, all partners will be introduced to each other. To enhance the interaction between the members of the different partners, the day will end with a small social event. Different target groups will be defined. Also, key messages, communication channels and responsibilities are of major importance to the dissemination to avoid misconceptions and confusion and to foster the quality of project communication. Awareness of the program will be established with different tools. A website will be build and for all partners a communication approach will be defined to ensure that all partners are aware of all necessary information. An open part of the website will be used to promote the project to a broader audience. Also a project logo, promotional material and a press releases will be developed to communicate the project goals and to inform society


Goal is to communicate all technological results as good as possible to the external world, by reporting the scientific results in international recognized (peer reviewed) journals. Additionally, posters will be generated to discuss results on an easy and more accessible level. Presentations will be given on international orientated conferences, locale events and workshops. The added value will be that the region will be recognized as an technological TOPregion on lipid research, which will lead to new economical activities as the scientific knowledge is the base for new diagnostics, therapies and biomedical materials. The scientific results will also be used for promotional materials, but also for the educational part of this program.

Promotional material

The goal of this task is to identify and structure activities leading to promote the project and obtained results. To enhance the promotion of the lipid part of the educational Master Study, new promotion material will be made or existing will be modified. To improve awareness, also results of technological projects will be presented besides by peer reviewed papers and oral presentation, by more easy to read posters (see also publications) and/or flyers Promotional material will be made to show new developed diagnostic strategies The added value will be that results will be presented on an accessible level with easy translation towards new economic activities (diagnostics or biomedical materials). THis is extremely important for valorization of the innovations through SME's or start ups.

Public events

Purpose of this activity is to share new knowledge with a broad audience. The added value will be that results can be more easily valorized, but also that the region will be better regonized in the outside world. As a consequence, new start up activities will be initiated, but also new diagnostic tools and new biomedical materials will be promoted in the Health sector In order to ensure a fruitful dissemination of knowledge, technology and information the EURLIPID project will organize workshops, contribute to conferences and lectures series in the various institutions. Further, every year the EURLIPID network day will be organized in revolving institutions to assemble all workers in the field in one place for a scientific and social meeting. Valorization will have its essential place in these meetings. To promote the envisioned Euregional infrastructue, the partners have the aim to try to bring at least on major lipid related conference series to the EUregion. Beside, also smaller dissemination activities (workshops etc) are envisioned. With these targeted events, the community will be informed about the project results, impact and future activities. The target audience can include scientific and industrial experts (both clinical, biomedical, analytical, chemometrical), of academic and non-academic research institutions, charity foundations, policy and decision makers, across Europe

Economic feasibility - Digital

Possible spins-offs and start-up activities will be discussed and aligned with Brightlands and Bioville. Also the connect with health organizations (charity and patient organizations)will be part of this activity