Turning data into information.

Chemometric and mathematic data evaluation tools

Chemotric and mathematic data tools are essential to transfer raw data towards useful information. In principal there are two main steps. The 1st step involves the transfer of the raw data generated by the high end analytical instruments towards biochemical data, it is a list of lipids or classes of lipids determined by the system. A number of different sub steps need to be performed to optimize this process. The 2nd major step is to evaluate the biochemical data into real information. This involves the comparison of different investigated groups or materials towards useful information (which specific lipids play an important role and which do not) Within this activity existing and if necessary new tools will be developed to support this process. This activity supports the analytical technologies (T4.1-4) and the clinical/biomedical data evaluation (T1.3-7)

  • Liège université
    Liège université Liege, BE